Brittney Borowicz

Brittney Borowicz is an integrated marketing professional with a strong communications background specializing in journalism, public relations and social media. Originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Brittney has spent the past few years working with entrepreneurs and small start-ups in the Chicagoland area to enhance their marketing and social media efforts.

Prior to her current role as the marketing manager for a computer networking company, Brittney realized her affinity for all things media and marketing while working in radio and television and as a professional presenter. Later, she began working at a couple of small marketing agencies in Chicago as a Public Relations and Sales Director and Account Manager, which required her to be well-versed in coordinating specialized public and media relations strategies, creative marketing initiatives and cohesive sales process implementations.

As a strong believer in intimate consumer/brand involvement, Brittney helps her clients create content that engages and educates brand audiences while establishing each individual or company as a thought leader in their industry.

37 Things to Tweet That Relate to Your Audience and Industry

The number one question I get about Twitter is, “well, what do I tweet?”

Most people tweet things about themselves… what they ate that day, some crazy thing they saw on public transportation, why they are mad at their significant other, etc.

If you have a professional or company Twitter account, those tweets are not always appropriate. So what should you tweet about besides yourself?

Here is a list of 37 things to tweet that relate to your audience and look more professional than a public breakup via Twitter.

  1. Tips to help your customers better their business and solve their problems
  2. Tips to help your audience and clients live a better life by making something easier or quicker to do.
  3. Show you are human. Be real and engaging, not a robot or obvious automated tweeting system. A good way to do this is to respond to the tweets that people tweet at you! You can also start the day with a “good morning.”
  4. Industry news. (If you are a social media expert and your clients are interested in social media… tweet about social media industry news! Duh.)
  5. Links to videos, podcasts or other materials that inspire and connect your audience to your industry.
  6. Inspirational quotes. (Did you know quotes are the #1 retweeted content on Twitter?)
  7. Quotes of famous authors, artists or business leaders… especially those leaders in your industry.
  8. Tips for starting a business within your industry.
  9. Tips for how to use a product related to your industry or even your own products!
  10. Friendly reminders of important dates or holidays… and make your professional/company content that day relate to the date/holiday!
  11. Links to your favorite blogger, writer, thought leader, business leader, and especially industry leaders.
  12. Live-tweet tips from an industry event or company presentation.
  13. Ask a question that requires an answer other than yes or no.
  14. Conduct a poll.
  15. Thank your community for following you.
  16. Ask your community what they would like you to talk about. Maybe you are a social media professional only talking about Twitter and your audience wants to hear more information about LinkedIn.
  17. Offer help to others in their business.
  18. Share your favorite content from other blogs and news media outlets.
  19. Ask for tips of where to find good content that pertains to your industry, business, or community.
  20. Do NOT be afraid to share your top competitors content. They must know what they are doing and you must be confident that you are doing it better.
  21. Progress toward goals and objectives in business and life.
  22. Celebrations and milestones of professional goals (or even just losing some weight)!
  23. Photos of your business team enjoying life both inside and outside of the office.
  24. Join a Twitter chat. (A couple of my favorites include #BareItAll and #HBRogue.)
  25. Retweets of other people’s awesome tweets and content (especially if it relates to your industry). People LOVE to be retweeted!
  26. Reviews and opinions on products and services you have tried.
  27. Statistics about products, services, industries or niches. (A lot of the statistics that I tweet get retweeted and favorited.)
  28. How-to information.
  29. Infographics.
  30. Customer service tweets to those who need help from your business or have a question.
  31. Thank you messages to your customers for stopping in, purchasing something, or simply being your customer.
  32. Connect followers to each other when their tweets may be helpful to the others business or life.
  33. Refer your followers to some of your favorite businesses, authors, or colleagues within your industry.
  34. Tweet links to good Pinterest boards, LinkedIn groups, and G+ communities that relate to your industry
  35. Start or share a list on
  36. Teach others how to do something.
  37. Something new! Test different tweets out and see what resonates most with your audience!

What did I miss? Comment below and share some of your favorite things to tweet about that your audience LOVES!