Brittney Borowicz

Brittney Borowicz is an integrated marketing professional with a strong communications background specializing in journalism, public relations and social media. Originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Brittney has spent the past few years working with entrepreneurs and small start-ups in the Chicagoland area to enhance their marketing and social media efforts.

Prior to her current role as the marketing manager for a computer networking company, Brittney realized her affinity for all things media and marketing while working in radio and television and as a professional presenter. Later, she began working at a couple of small marketing agencies in Chicago as a Public Relations and Sales Director and Account Manager, which required her to be well-versed in coordinating specialized public and media relations strategies, creative marketing initiatives and cohesive sales process implementations.

As a strong believer in intimate consumer/brand involvement, Brittney helps her clients create content that engages and educates brand audiences while establishing each individual or company as a thought leader in their industry.

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19 Outstanding Points from Seth Godin on Art and Revolution in Marketing

Picture from  Nathan Maxwell  

Picture from Nathan Maxwell 

I had the incredible experience of hearing Seth Godin, blogger and author of 18 books, speak at the 2015 Bronto Summit today. In his session, Seth focused on how the connection economy is replacing our scarcity-based industrial one, and what teams can do to create work that matters.

Here are some of my favorite quotes and points Seth Godin made during his presentation:

  1. We [marketers] are running out of clever ways to get peoples’ attention.

  2. We [marketers... and our bosses] always want MORE – clicks, engagement, etc.

  3. If you're in the business of building a network, you will always do better than if you're building a product.

  4. If you are a mass marketer, you better do something that the masses will like.

  5. From a consumers perspective: If you are trying to solve a problem that I don’t have, I’m not going to listen to you [the marketer].

  6. Revolutions destroy the perfect and create the impossible. We must acknowledge the world is changing and leaving it like never before.

  7. Why aren’t you taking the time to make your prospects friends and let them get to know you first?

  8. Humans are really good at connecting. We like connecting. Connection is where value is created.

  9. Doing things wrong on the Internet is not fatal. Test. See what works.

  10. You've heard don't fly too close to the sun. The only way to be remarkable is to fly ever higher.

  11. Being exceptional is a risk. But it's the only choice if you want to be truly successful.

  12. You can't be in a race to the top or the bottom. The only way to survive is to be the irreplaceable

  13. We hold back because we know our parents, teachers & bosses are always going to ask for more. In art, we aim as high as we can.

  14. What is our best work for? Change.

  15. We must throw ourselves off cliffs and grow wings on the way down. This is art.

  16. Innovation is failing until we find something that works.

  17. It is always too soon but there is a huge distinction between being ready and being prepared.

  18. There are many ways to describe success after it has happened. It is scary to try to describe success before it happens.

  19. The enemy of fear is creativity. When we become creative, is when we can create art.

Giving Thanks: My First Year as a Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager - Brittney Borowicz

Back in March, I took my first job as a marketing manager... but not just as a marketing manager... a whole marketing team. The company that had hired me had never had a marketing person before and while some of the marketing they were doing was great, other areas were inconsistent or without much direction.

Although the thought of this stressed me out greatly, the company seemed amazing and I knew it would be a huge opportunity for my career.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I wanted to share some of the things I have been most thankful for during my first year as a marketing manager/marketing-team-of-one.

  1. I am thankful for all of the things I have learned so far and continue to learn. The amount I have learned these past few months is endless… from a new content management system and new email program to new trade show procedures… every moment has been a new learning opportunity. In addition to marketing programs and procedures, I am in constant awe of how much there is to learn about the industries my company is involved with. These industries are growing (and changing) every single day. Learning the industries also involves learning about the businesses and consumers involved in those industries and how best to market to them. 
  2. I am thankful for my team. Although I may be the only “official” marketer in the company, I have constant support from my immediate boss and people on the sales team. They take the time to teach me the ins-and-outs of products and services that I can’t get my non-technical brain around and they are always willing to learn from me too. They show me what marketing they have done in the past and are open to new ideas and suggestions. The thing I am most thankful for about my team is that they have confidence in me to “do my thing.” They allow me to make decisions and support me in my efforts even when they don’t always completely agree. (Right now we are testing website pop-ups. Initially there was some pushback on it, but we’ve all agreed it’s something to try.)
  3. I am thankful for my failures. Although I don’t think I’ve had an “epic” failures yet as a marketing manager, I constantly feel like I am failing. Coming into this job, I knew I wouldn’t know everything right away. I knew there would be a learning curve especially since there were no official marketing plans or procedures when I took the job. Nonetheless, there are times I feel like I am not doing enough. There are other times where I feel like what I am doing is not good enough. As stressful as this is sometimes, it is more motivation for me to do more and to do better. It reminds me that I can’t and won’t be perfect but each failure, or feeling of failure, it will teach me how to do better for both my company as well as for myself.

What are you most thankful for in your company this year? Is it the things you learned, your team, or your failures? Or maybe you had a major breakthrough or made a decision that made a huge impact? I want to hear about it!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Giving Thanks - Brittney Borowicz