Brittney Borowicz

Brittney Borowicz is an integrated marketing professional with a strong communications background specializing in journalism, public relations and social media. Originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Brittney has spent the past few years working with entrepreneurs and small start-ups in the Chicagoland area to enhance their marketing and social media efforts.

Prior to her current role as the marketing manager for a computer networking company, Brittney realized her affinity for all things media and marketing while working in radio and television and as a professional presenter. Later, she began working at a couple of small marketing agencies in Chicago as a Public Relations and Sales Director and Account Manager, which required her to be well-versed in coordinating specialized public and media relations strategies, creative marketing initiatives and cohesive sales process implementations.

As a strong believer in intimate consumer/brand involvement, Brittney helps her clients create content that engages and educates brand audiences while establishing each individual or company as a thought leader in their industry.

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How to Convert Social Media Talk into Sales

There's lots of talk among businesspeople about whether you can convert social media engagement into sales. After all, "likes" don't pay the bills. But regardless of their direct impact on the bottom line, these platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, offer unprecedented access to potential customers around the globe. As a result, there's no question that a shrewd social media strategy is integral to any modern-day marketing plan.

"Consumers are able to see products and services in use in real time," says Brittney Borowicz, marketing manager at Grid Connect Inc. in Naperville, Ill., "which can help in their decision-making process about whether or not to buy a specific product or service."

If you believe that social media engagement can lead directly to sales, the question becomes: How do you turn followers into customers? Here, experts offer a few tips...

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